Training Online On Your Time

Training plan on the go

Carry your workout whereever you go! Using personal training software you will receive customize workouts with demo videos that you can perform in the gym or at home. The mobile app allows you to follow your training plans and log into your workouts. You will receive notifications reminding you of what workouts you need to complete. Once you have completed the workout you check-in and track progress on-line, sending your trainer a notification of your completed workout.

Customized Workouts

Workouts delivered to your mobile device to use at home or in the gym. On-line app allows you to track workouts, fitness targets, shows personal best, upload progess photos and communitcate with your trainer on your time..

Meal Plans and Nutrition Tracking App

You can have meal plans delivered to your mobile device to help you stay on track of nutrition.

Social Network

Connect your current Fitness trackers to Trainerize app.FitBit, MyFitnessPal.

Online Training Session

All online training plans are 12 weeks (three months) in length. Payment are either all three months at once or month to month. To begin online training session you first meet with your train for initial consultation where your body weight and body measurements are taken. Then you are sent an invitation to download the Trainerize app. Once you have downladed the Trainerize app, you can login into the dashboard and complete your user profile and the consultation form. The Trainerize App will also allow you to
  • View training plans designed by your trainer
  • Ability to view exercise demos
  • Track workouts in your plan
  • View Meal Plan
  • Ability to Email/Text your trainer
  • Upload progress photos

Online Training Sessions

Online Month to Month $150

The month (30 days) begins one week after payment is received.

Three (3) Months

Online Three (3) Months $375

The 90 day session starts one week after the payment is received.

Month to Month