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The Body Artistry Fitness, LLC TBAFitness, is a personal training and group fitness business that creates a high-energy and fun-filled environment for women wanting to pursue their fitness goals. We will offer one on one personal training, small group personal training and a variety of instructor led workout classes to the everyday woman who would like to sculpt their physique and create a healthy lifestyle through exercising.

TBAFintess can provide group fitness instructors for any event or at any location that are trained in providing principal strength and conditioning in the form of classes. These classes are designed for people of all shapes and sizes to encourage healthy living and general fitness. Our mission is not just to offer group fitness classes but also to encourage people to live a healthy life through exercise and general fitness

In our studio we conduct one on one and small group personal training sessions. TBAFitness Personal Trainers are also available to come to you at one of the following locations; LA Fitness, Planet Fitness and Powerhouse GYM.

My services

Personal Training for Beginners

Yoga Posture Alignment & Modification

Clarifying Life Purpose & Direction

Breathing, Relaxation & Meditation


Initial Consultation $100 90 min. This first intake session is required for all new clients.
60 Minute Coaching Session $85 60 min. After Initial Consultation.
Private Yoga
Initial Consultation $100 90 min. This first intake session is required for all new clients.
Regular Private Yoga Session $85 60 min. After Initial Consultation.
Mini Personal Training Session $45 30 min. Price of a 30 minutes session - some prior yoga expereince.
Other Types of Sessions
Pre-Natal Yoga Sessions $85 60 min. No Initial Consultation required
Couples Session $100 90 min.
Small Private Group Session $125 90 min. On site at Sangha Yoga (up to 5 participants)

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    richard doe

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    Michael Donovan

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